As of October 1st,  Balloon Masters, Inc. NO LONGER accepts Soaring Adventures of America Flight Tickets.

Once contract talks begin and we agree upon renewal, we will post here stating we are back in business with them. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please consider booking directly with your balloon pilots versus using a third party vendor.

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We charge a 5% convenience fee when you choose to pay by credit card. 

Passenger Information

Welcome to the wonderful world of ballooning. It is a world filled with beauty, excitement, and adventure! Ballooning is strictly a fair weather sport. Flights are conducted during the early morning or late evening when the winds are light and the air is stable. Generally, a launch is not feasible when the wind exceeds 10 mph, as balloons fly at the speed of the wind, landings in wind above that may become a bit too exciting with the added risk of injury.

Weather conditions can usually be determined early, but if not, your pilot will make the final judgment at the launch site. 
Dress comfortably-- Dress according to the weather of the day. Please wear Tennis Shoes or something you can stand in for a couple of hours. NO open toe, sandals, flip flops, leather sole, or heels will be permitted in basket for a flight. Passengers that are TALL and / or wear there hair Short or Bald,  you might wish to wear a hat to help keep the heat of the burner off your head. The temperature only changes about 3 degrees per 1000 feet. Seeing that we will fly tree top and 1500 feet off the ground, the temperature should not change much more than what it is on the ground.

We Offer

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 Tether Rides for Special Events  

Your flight will last 45 to 60 minutes long. It all depends on the weather, flight direction and available landing sites. You should plan the outing for about 2 to 2-1/2 hours. 

Please feel free to invite your friends and family to come watch your take off into the sky. 

Don't forget to bring along a camera or video camera. You will want to take some photos so that your balloon ride can be remembered and cherished for some time to come. And yes, the crew will be more than happy to snap a photo of your party.  

**Balloon Masters Inc, their pilots and/ or crew are not responsible for your personal property**

With any form of aviation, there are certain risks. It is important that each passenger understands the critical aspect of a flight, and that they assume all the risks inherent,  including a chance of personal injury, loss of life or damage or loss of personal property. During the flight, passengers are encouraged to call to the pilot's attention any obstacles or obstructions in the path of the flight.
Three or more pairs of eyes are better than only one. And I promise the pilot will not get upset with you.

Landings are the most critical. If higher winds exist, the balloon may tip and drag or even bounce and bump along the ground. For your safety, you MUST STAY IN THE BASKET.  DO NOT TRY TO EXIT the basket until the pilot instructs you to do so! 

To prepare for landing:

1.    Face the direction you are flying

2.    Hold onto the basket for support

3.    Keep your hands inside the basket

4.    Bend your knees slightly till the basket comes to a complete stop

5.    Do not exit the basket till you are given the ok from the pilot

During the flight, it is important that you follow the instructions of the pilot. You may ask questions about the balloon or anything that you don't understand.

You will be REQUIRED to SIGN an acknowledgment of the Personal Responsibility and Liability Release as a condition of the flight.
The balloons we fly can carry up to 4 passengers and pilot, depending on the temperature and humidity of the day.

Launch Locations

(Meeting and / or Launch)
We are Regularly flying the Southeast Corner of Columbus at this time. The Pickerington / Canal Winchester / Lithopolis / Carroll / Lancaster area.
Depending on the WIND DIRECTION of the day, depends on where we will meet for the flight.

We will meet at the Marcus Theaters, 1776 Hill Road North, Pickerington, Ohio  43147.

Below is a list of Launch Locations we have used in the past. For an additional fee (depending on where), we could fly from one of these locations of your choice.

Marion           -----      1) Marion County Airport

                                     2) Marion Harding High School

                                     3) Marion Campus of OSU - Rt-23 and Rt-95

Delaware        -----      Mingo Park

Pickerington   -----      1) Marcus Movie Theater Parking Lot - Behind Steak and Shake

                                     1776 Hill Road North (Rt-256 & Rt-204)

                                     Pickerington, Ohio  43147

The Pickerington Location will be our primary meeting spot. Once we meet, we will leave your vehicle there in parking lot and move to the desired location to launch balloon.

Once flight is completed, we will return you to your vehicle at Marcus Theaters.

View Available Flight Packages and Policies at this link.