Exclusive Champagne Flight for Two 

This Guarantees you're the only two people in the basket (plus the pilot) and includes the Traditional Champagne Toast after the flight is completed. 

  •  A special Souvenir Balloon made with the cork from the  Champagne Bottle

  •  A Souvenir Flight Certificate that states you flew in a Hot Air  Balloon  

This would be a great for a Marriage Proposal or simply a Romantic Balloon Ride with someone special.
Exclusive Champagne Flight for Two - $595.00*

*We can carry up to 4 passengers in the basket plus the pilot. Additional Passengers you wish to add for a total of four-$200.00 each additional person.

         Shared Basket Rides-Free Flight  

One (1) Passenger  -  $265                                   
Two (2) Passengers (SHARED BASKET) - $450                   
Each Additional Passenger - $200                        
(up to 4 passengers in basket)

With the purchase of a regular ride for two passengers, Balloon Masters Inc. has the option to add an additional passenger(s) to the basket with you.

We can accommodate a party of up to eight passengers using two balloons.  (Four passengers per balloon)

* Due to the nature of rising fuel costs, pricing is subject to change*

Balloon Masters Inc.
7283  Kirkdale  Drive
Blacklick,  Ohio  43004

    Party Tether Rides / Advertising Tethers

  -What is a Tether?
A tether is when you inflate the balloon and keep it on the ground.
For advertising, we are a big billboard. At company parties and special events, we can give rides up and down lifting people about 25 to 30 feet into the air. Depending on the wind and location of the event, we can lift about 60 to 100 people per hour. 


$700.00 per hour with a minimum of two hours = $1400.00 

Plus a $100.00 show up fee (crew recruitment & travel) $100.00 (local)    
TOTAL  $1500.00  (for two hours)               
Extra hour (s) Tether Time is available at a reduced rate of $500.00 per hour.

The event starts at the time the inflation fan starts. The event will end when the pilot determines :
a) that your scheduled time runs out
b) there are no more passengers in line to lift
c) weather becomes a problem for the safety of all involved, or
d) we run out of fuel; Prices Subject to Change !

Balloon Flight offerings and Package Prices

We offer a variety of  balloon flight options as well as special packages for your enjoyment. Please review our payment and flight policies at the bottom of the page. We can customize the flights to meet your needs. Contact us for more information!

Payment Information and Flight Policies

A $50.00 per person NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT is required to hold a reservation date.  The balance is to be paid by cash or check prior to the flight departure.
This deposit will be credited when the flight is completed.

Hot Air Ballooning is a fair weather sport.
Balloons Fly with the wind 10 mph or less.
Balloons Tether with wind 5 mph or less.

Balloon Masters Inc. and their pilots reserve the right to cancel any event due to weather conditions that could harm or damage Passengers, Crew, Pilot, Property and / or Equipment.

If a scheduled event is Canceled, by the Passenger, within 24 hours of the event, a $50.00 per person Cancellation Fee will be charged, (Loss of YOUR DEPOSIT), or if cancelled for good by passenger,  Balloon Masters Inc. will NOT REFUND any of your Deposit.

If a scheduled event is Canceled, by Balloon Masters Inc. due to adverse weather conditions, we do hope that you will re-schedule for another date. This is a NON-Refundable Deposit.  BUT AS LONG AS YOU FLY ( THIS WEEK, NEXT WEEK, NEXT MONTH, OR NEXT YEAR), YOU WILL NOT LOSE YOUR MONEY.

Balloon Masters Inc. WILL CHARGE all
National Gift Certificate Holders and 
ALL Soaring Adventures of America Flight Ticket Holders
a $30.00 per person Up Charge when you show up to fly.
This is payable to Balloon Master's, Inc. 
in Cash or Check.
This is due to the HIGH COST of Propane and Gas
we are paying at this time.

Forms of Payment that we accept

Cash, Check, Visa or Mastercard

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Balloon Masters, Inc. NO LONGER accepts Soaring Adventures of America Flight Tickets.

Once contract talks begin and we agree upon renewal, we will post here stating we are back in business with them. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please consider booking directly with your balloon pilots versus using a third party vendor.

We Offer

Balloon Rides ~ Gift Certificates  Advertising ~ Pilot Training 

 Tether Rides for Special Events  

We charge a 5% convenience fee when you choose to pay by credit card. 

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You don’t see what you want?

We will gladly customize a package for you for other specialty flights, novelty ideas or special circumstances, just call our office for details.  

As of August 1, 2015 a 5% convenience fee will be charged when you choose to pay by credit card. 


Flights originate in the Central Ohio Area               
This includes a Private Champagne Flight for two and the Officiant to perform the wedding in the balloon during flight.

If you prefer, a Non-Alcoholic Beverage can be substituted in place of the Champagne.

After the flight has been completed, we will send to you your very own personal Flight Certificate stating that you have completed your Hot Air Balloon Flight Wedding with Balloon Masters Inc. 






  • Enjoy an elegant breakfast at the Georgian Manner

  • Many photos are provided on photo storage media for you to keep

  • A Rose Bridal Bouquet

  • Marriage Officiant Provided

  • Certificate of Balloon Marriage

  • Two T-shirts printed with a picture from the balloon marriage photos


Balloon flight will take place from the Southeast corner of the greater Columbus area from your choice of the following launch locations: