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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Balloon Fly?

A balloon flies by heating the air inside the envelope (balloon),

making it lighter than the air outside.

The lighter air lifts the balloon and it's passengers into the sky.

How Hot is the Air Inside the Envelope (balloon)?

The air at the top of the envelope can range between 100 deg. F to 250 deg. F during flight. It all depends on the outside air temperature and the weight of the passengers and pilot on board.

How Big is the Balloon?

Balloons vary in size. Between 50,000 cu. ft. and 200,000 cu. ft.
The balloons we fly are in the 105,00 cu ft. size. They stand about 70 feet tall and are about 50 feet wide.

What Kind of Fuel Do You Use?

We use Propane. Just like your backyard grill.
We carry up to 40 gal of propane with us for each flight.

How Long and How Far Can a Balloon Fly?

Hot air balloons can fly up to over 2 miles high.
Anything over 10,000 feet, we require oxygen.
We normally fly between tree top and 1000 feet above the ground.
The distance we fly depends on the wind speed of the day.
We try to keep our passenger flights between 45 min. and 1 hour long.

How Do You Steer a Balloon?

The pilot can only make a balloon go up by heating the air, or down by venting the hot air out. The winds blow at different directions at different altitudes, so by rising or dropping your altitude, you might be able to change direction, but normally not much.
We do not have the ability to steer (drive) to a specific location.

How Do You Know Where you Are Going to Land?

The pilot never knows where we are going to land. This is part of the fun of ballooning. When it is time to land, the pilot looks for an open space large enough to land the balloon safely and the chase crew can access the balloon on the ground.

How Does the Chase Crew Know Where You Are?

The pilot talks to the chase crew via a 2-way radio. If we are in an area not familiar to us, we rely on sight. Some experienced crew are waiting at the landing site to catch the balloon as it lands.    *** We are always looking for new / willing crew members.***

What is a Tether?

A tether is when you inflate the balloon and keep it on the ground.
For advertising, we are a big billboard. At company parties and special events, we can give rides up and down lifting people about 25 to 30 feet into the air. Depending on the wind and location of the event, we can lift about 60 to 100 people per hour.

What is a Glow?

A Glow is the same as a Tether. Only difference is that during a glow, it is after dark. When the light of the burner goes into the balloon, the balloon will light up and "Glow" like a light bulb.

When Can I Fly?

We fly year round in Ohio, weather permitting. Hot Air Balloons fly within 2 hours after the Sunrise and 2 hours before Sunset.

How High Will We Fly?

We fly passengers between tree top and 1500 feet above the ground. Passengers can see better and are more comfortable at lower altitudes. But, there are minimum safe altitude standards that we must follow.

How Do We Get Back to Our Car?

A balloon chase / ground crew will follow us on our flight. After we land the crew will pack up the equipment and we will drive back to your vehicle.

How Many Can Fly Together?

We normally fly 2 passengers and 1 pilot. We can accommodate up to 4 passengers and a pilot in the balloon we fly. For large parties, we can accommodate up to 8 passengers using 2 balloons with 4 passengers per balloon. Weather conditions such as heat and humidity and the weight of the passengers are all dependent on the ability to lift.

Is There an Age Limit?

YES- For standard flights we prefer that children be at least 12 to 13 years of age. Beyond the safety concerns, we have found that children quickly become bored and restless with the slow pace and the serenity of a hot air balloon flight. For Tethered flight at special events, we will lift much younger children.

Where Will We Fly From?

We can fly almost anywhere - but as a practice, we try not to fly passengers into the city of Columbus, and we Must STAY AWAY from Port Columbus Airport. Some frequently used launch sites--  Marion, Delaware, Westerville, New Albany, Granville, Newark, Heath, Millersport, Pataskala, Pickerington, Lancaster, Carroll, Canal Winchester, Bolton Field, Hilliard, and Dublin.

**Note-- Wind direction of the day tells us where we will fly from..**

Can I Give A Hot Air Balloon Ride As A Gift?

YES-- We are happy to provide a Gift Certificate for that someone special or that special occasion.

Can We Fly On A Specific Date?

We are happy to reserve a special date for you, but due to weather concerns, we cannot guarantee any date. If we cannot fly on the date you reserved we will try to schedule another date of your choosing.

Do I Need to Make A Reservation?

Although it may be possible to accommodate next day flight requests, it is highly recommended to make a reservation at least a week or two in advance. During good weather seasons, some dates do book up early / fast.
We can fly Week Days and Week Ends, some Mornings and all Evenings.

How Do I Make A Reservation?

Just call (614) 870-2539. We will be glad to take your reservation over the phone. If we do not answer, Please leave a message with your Name, Return Number, and Date you wish to fly. If this is a surprise for someone, Please say so that we do not spoil the surprise.

How Can I Pay For A Balloon Ride?

We accept Cash, Check, Visa, and Master Card as forms of  payment.

View Available Flight Packages and Policies at this link.

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