Balloon Masters, Inc. NO LONGER accepts Soaring Adventures of America Flight Tickets.

Once contract talks begin and we agree upon renewal, we will post here stating we are back in business with them. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please consider booking directly with your balloon pilots versus using a third party vendor.

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We charge a 5% convenience fee when you choose to pay by credit card. 

Modeling balloons to suit your logo's look is not limited to special balloon shapes. Balloon Masters Inc also offers several packages for banners on balloons, which are 16 feet by 35 feet, and offer a large canvas to advertisers. We also offer packages for logos to be overlaid on the balloon or inlaid in the balloon, providing a more permanent promotional option. By having your logo on a balloon, either overlaid or inlaid artwork, you dramatically increase your advertising presence. Never underestimate the power of balloon advertising!

We Offer

Balloon Rides ~ Gift Certificates  Advertising ~ Pilot Training 

 Tether Rides for Special Events  

Our cold air inflatables, kept aloft with an electric fan, can be placed on a rooftop or in front of a building, so long as an outlet is available. This provides a great option for versatile stationary advertisements to promote your brand. Having a fixed piece of advertising on or near your place of business is certain to draw attention, much like a billboard – only more aesthetically pleasing.

If you want something a little different from a cold air inflatable, you can’t go wrong with  the following options from Balloon Masters. Balloons can be fashioned with the following options:

  • A Special Shape Balloon
  • Large Banners can be placed on a Balloon 
  • Company LOGOS can be sewn into the Balloon fabric 

If you’re looking for cold air inflatables, banners on balloons, balloons with your company logo, or special shape balloons, Balloon Masters Inc is here to help.

For more information on any of our packages, pricing or planning a promotional campaign, please call at 614-870-2539 or email

The Many Different Types of Balloon Advertising

For any business to succeed in today’s ultra-competitive markets, effective corporate advertising is crucial. Let Balloon Masters help inflate your business with their corporate advertising packages. From Cold Air Inflatables to Special Shape Balloons, Balloon Masters Inc offers many options

to help companies promote their name and products to audiences around the Central Ohio area. We have flown commercial campaigns for many regional companies, including CD-101 Radio and Realty Executives, and even promotions for area churches, businesses and individuals.